Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

Gracie was only three months old last Christmas so this was her "official" first Christmas. Isabelle is an old pro and couldn't wait to finally see what Santa had brought her. She had specifically asked for a Hannah Montana wig, a sleeping bag, an easel, barbies, etc. I think that Santa did a really good job, especially on the wig. Gracie didnt' ask for anything so Aly took it upon herself to get what she (Aly) wanted. So first thing on the list for Gracie was a new kitchen, toys and books. Luckily all of Aly's dreams came true when we saw the kitchen waiting for the kids in the family room!! It was a very busy Christmas morning because we had to get to the Barker's for brunch at 10:30 but despite the rush the kids were able to play a little bit with all of their new toys.

Isabelle waiting so patiently to go see her presents, Aly was taking a little too much time getting ready and so the kids were ancy to see what Santa had brought them.

Santa knew just what the kids wanted (And their Mom wanted) in this new kitchen set. Gracie is already getting good at washing her hands in the pretend sink.

Isabelle showing off some her stuff

Now here is a girl happy to have a new kitchen

Who would have thought that a Hannah Montana wig was all that was needed to give Isabelle a good Christmas! Santa could have saved some serious money!

Gracie after opening her gift from Grandpa and Grandma Ferran (I think she is a little confused at all that is going on)

Isabelle opening presents

Mom opening presents

Dad opening presents

Aly's parents braved all the snow and came out for a little bit before we went to the Barker's for Brunch.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent this year with Aly's Family at Grandma and Grandpa Ferran's. We have the nice dinner and then John and LeAnn give all of the kids and parents a Christmas Eve gift. We then exchange gifts between cousins and adults. It is too bad that Christmas Eve/Christmas go by so quickly. There is all this anticipation and then it is all over in a day and a half. Here are a few of the highlights in pictures:

Isabelle opening her pajamas

Gracie acting a little too excited to get new pajamas!

As per the Ferran Family Christmas tradition, here are the girls in their Christmas pajamas. I know that we received pajamas as a kid I just dont know if it was a tradition in the Barker household. I will have to ask Grandma Barker.

Kids are always happier when they've been able to open a few presents

Gracie opening up her train

Aly got adventerous and made some really good sugar cookies, here is everyone enjoying them.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barker Family Party

On Sunday, the 14th it was the annual Barker Family Christmas party. While it is not always fun to make the drive to Ogden, it was good to see the whole extended family again. Most of Dad's family we only get to see once a year, here are some pictures on the way up and the girls with Great Grandma Barker.

This is Isabelle at the start of the drive, she didn't look this happy by the time we hit Ogden.

Gracie giving us a really nice smile!

Great Grandma Barker, Isabelle, Gracie, and Daddy

Isabelle giving loves to Grandma Barker after she gave her a present.


Here is Gracie showing off how she gives kisses and a few of the words that she can say.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Well it finally snowed a decent amount for the first time this year and now that it is finally cold, we had to get the girls bundled up to go to the store. Here are some pictures of the first "bundle up" of the year:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Pictures

On Saturday we had family pictures taken. Our friend Jeana is just starting her photography business and she did an AWESOME job... take a look at the link below...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa Claus

On Friday we went to Southtowne to do some shopping and despite being very busy no one was waiting for Santa. Seeing the perfect opportunity we took the kids over to talk to Santa and get a picture. At first Isabelle was reluctant but we talked her into it saying that any other day it would be packed and she would be mad that we had to wait in line. Isabelle jumped right up on his lap and gave him a couple of her wants and then it was time for a picture. Gracie was clinging to my shoulder pretty tight and when I made the move to place her on his lap she went crazy. The only way we could get a picture was to have Aly sit down and place her on her lap and even then she wasn't too happy. For all her suffering Gracie did get a candy cane and I think that made it all better.

Look at Gracie's face. She is looking directly at Santa and you can see by her facial expression that she is thinking: "Yeah right Dad, you ain't gonna make me sit on that old man's lap!"

Isabelle starting the laundry list

Trying to figure out if she told him everything she needed too.

Isn't Christmas a great Holiday? We put the decorations up on Friday, we've seen Santa Claus, and it isn't even December yet. December's going to be a great month.


Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was Barker's year but we also had some company. Aly's parents didn't have anywhere to go so we invited them to come over. After about a week of asking they finally decided the morning of to come and I am sure that it is just because of Isabelle. She said that she wouldn't come over to their house after unless they showed up, so the charm queen put on the charm and it worked! Nick and Mariah and Ben and Shannon's family rounded out the party and we had some great food and good times. Here are some pictures:

The only picture of me on Thanksgiving and it is of me stuffing my face

How cute is Gracie in this picture? She wanted to be like the big kids and sit on their table

The kids looking so happy to be at their table, until the leg collapsed and all their food went flying. Next time Grandma needs to make sure that the legs are secure!

Isabelle just loves getting her picture taken

Mom, Gracie and Isabelle posing in front of one of Grandma Barker's quilt creations.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gracie's Surgery

Friday, November 21st, Gracie had to get tubes put in her ears. After six or seven ear infections it was time to give her some relief. We decided to have it done at Primary Children's since they were so good when Isabelle had her hernia operations when she was little, and once again they did a great job. For a very simple procedure that takes 10 minutes, you wouldn't think the charges would be $3,000.00!! It's times like these you are thankful for insurance. Everything went great and it was a good time to get it done because she had two ear infections!! So one problem solved, now if we could just figure out how to make teeth feel better when they come in!
She doesn't know what she's in for, and for not being able to have milk when she woke up, she was happy.
In her operating clothes.
Playing in the waiting area..
Taking a stroll to pass the time (Luckily the hour and a half waiting went fast)
Time to go

Gracie holding her blanket very close wondering what that Doctor is doing talking to her Mom and Dad

He was a very good doctor and the the handoff was successful, until........

She couldn't see us anymore and then she started to cry

So it's good to have that over, let's hope we don't have to go through this again anytime soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hanging the Christmas Lights

Last week I decided that I should get my Christmas lights up since it was such a nice day. Isabelle decided that she wanted to help, and me being the bad parent that I am, I took her up on the roof. I know, really safe! Isabelle had fun and didn't fall off the roof, so it was a huge success.

Getting ready to go up.

See, I'm a cool Dad, I let my 4 year old get up on a fairly steep roof and walk around. Nothing wrong with that.

Isabelle helping take the lights out of the box

Gracie waiting patiently inside, I figured it wasn't a good idea to take her up.

Maybe Isabelle will want to help her Daddy out again next year, it might just be a new family tradition.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 08

Here are some Halloween pictures, it was a nice night (60+ degrees) with a few mild rain showers but nicer than it has been in the past few years. Isabelle had a very fun party at preschool today and then they came to Daddy's work to show off their costumes. We had dinner at the Barkers and then finished up at the Ferran's, another great Halloween is over!

Luckily Grandma Barker brought us some umbrellas so we didn't get to wet.

Trick or Treat!

Mommy and her little Fairy

Waiting so patiently for someone to come to the door, Gracie has no clue why she is standing there but she wants to be like her big sister.

Daddy and his two Fairies

We actually got Grandpa Barker to go out with us, miracles happen every day!

Look how cute Isabelle is (And very happy to be getting lots of candy)

Luckily in Grandma and Grandpa Barker's neighborhood they dont get many trick or treaters so a few houses turned up a lot of candy

Grandpa John and Gracie sharing a sucker

The final result of a long Halloween day

Even Gracie followed her big sister and fell asleep