Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We start 'em young

Who says that a one year old can't help with the family chores? Who am I to say she can't do something when she looks so happy doing it!

Once they turn five they give you this look when you ask them to help:

I guess it's because they get smarter and can actually tell you they don't want to do something when they get older. If any of you need help, Gracie is available for hire. Just be aware if she doesn't want to do something she spits. If you are willing to take a little spitting, she is very thorough!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Any binkie will do

I guess when you don't have any other options, your baby's Bink will work just fine!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Family Birthday Parties

Last Sunday, January 11th, we celebrated Isabelle's birthday with the Ferran side of the family and then on Saturday, the 17th, with the Barkers. Most normal people would just have the parties together, but 40 plus people in our house gets a little tight. If Isabelle had a birthday in the spring/summer and we could send the kids outside, there wouldn't be any problems. With so many kids to keep entertained separate parties help keep the sanity! Here are a few pictures from both parties:

Who would have thought that ear muffs would make a little girl so happy!

Isabelle hasn't quite grasped the concept of blowing out all the candles at once, her approach is one at a time!

Thanks Grandma Barker for the cake!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Four Forty

At 4:40 this morning, Isabelle turned five years old. So first off, Happy Birthday Isabelle! It has been a crazy two weeks in the Barker household so lets play some catch up. New Years Day we decided to make the drive to St. George and surprise Grandma and Grandpa Barker. We figured it was time to get down there again and we had a lot of fun. Grandpa and Grandma were excited to see us and we enjoyed the few days we had to play.

After getting back on Sunday I had to get ready to leave on Tuesday for CES in Vegas and despite me being gone the family seemed to hold up pretty well! So Tuesday through Saturday Aly took care of everything and even planned a birthday party for Isabelle with some of her friends on Friday the 9th. After going back and forth Isabelle decided on a pajama party and so everyone came in the their PJ's, played games and ate cupcakes. Here are the highlights:

Thanks to Grandma Ferran for coming over and helping with the party and Grandma Barker for making the really good cupcakes!