Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat

Weather made the first part of tonight more of a trick than a treat.  We arrived at DeAnne's house around 5:00 to pouring rain and since we only had a little time, we had to go out into it.  Umbrella's out and rain gear on, Gracie made it to three doors before she was done, Isabelle faired a little better with 10 doors.

After an hour there, we headed to my parents' for dinner and trick or treating.  Ben/Shan and Nick/Mariah were there, and after some good soup, the boys headed out with the kids.  With no rain it made it a lot more enjoyable, but Gracie had had enough and didn't want to go back out.

After an hour or so we were done (well Ben was done, the kids may not have been) and we went inside to watch the end of the movie "Up."  Another Halloween over and I am hoping that next year Gracie won't be afraid of everything associated with Halloween.

As close to a costume as Brooks' got in all night

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Halloween Activities

This year, it seems, we have spent a lot of time getting dressed up in our costumes.  The kids came to my work at the end of the day to show off their costumes, but it ended up being just Isabelle who participated.  Brooks was asleep and Gracie didn't even want to come in, so she just stayed in the car.

Tonight we went to my parents' Ward Halloween party with the whole family and the kids got to play games and have a trunk or treat.  Gracie wasn't going to get in her costume until she saw her cousins' get in theirs', luckily peer pressure caused her to get into the Halloween spirit.

Eating cupcakes

 Me as Brian David Mitchel (The guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart)

Mesmerized by the cupcake

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Church clothes make the man

Today was a big day for Brooks, his first day wearing actual Church clothes.  Take one look at these pictures and you will see why Aly has a big smile on her face, he looks so cute!

Who would have thought a button up dress shirt could have such an effect.  Aly couldn't stop smiling all day and the girls thought he was the most handsomest boy ever.  I think we should dress him in these clothes everyday.  Almost five months old, he is getting so big!

It even made Gracie happy!

Ferran Family Halloween Party

Aly's parents are leaving on a cruise this Wednesday and will be gone for Halloween.  All of the Grandkids were pretty disappointed that they wouldn't be here so we had a party tonight to celebrate an early Halloween.  It was everything that Halloween should be (except for no Cinnamon Rolls) with Chili, Breadsticks, Broccoli Cheese Soup and Sugar Cookies

Gracie is having a hard time with "scary" dress up costumes.  She doesn't understand the pretend part so when Isabelle gets the green makeup on she gets really scared.  Tonight Parker and Ashley had scary costumes and she adjusted to them rather quickly, hopefully it will mean a good night trick-or-treating this weekend.  

Earlier in the day we went and saw my Mom speak in church and then spent the afternoon there.  We made Chili and Breadsticks for the Ferran party and then Grandma Barker helped do Isabelle's makeup.  It was a busy day but the kids had a lot of fun dressing up and seeing their cousins' all dressed up.  Maybe by this weekend I can convince Gracie to let me paint my face into something scary.  Halloween is almost here, and today was a good reminder about how much fun this holiday is.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

Tonight was the Ward Halloween Party and since Gracie is officially scared of anything Halloween we stayed for only 20 minutes.  After we left the girls had a sleepover date with Grandma and Grandpa Ferran, so we drove them over to spend the night.

 Dorothy, The Lion, and The Wicked Witch (With a beautiful lady in the middle)

 Playing on the Iphone on the way over to Grandma & Grandpa's

Brooks waiting to go home

Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Haircut

 Brooks has been long overdue for a haircut, on top it has gotten a little out of control.  It wasn't a major cut, but just enough to make it look normal again.

Monday, October 11, 2010

First time eating rice cereal

4 months old and getting bigger and bigger.  Rice cereal and applesauce are now on the menu and he got the hang of it really quick.  Next item is getting that out of control hair trimmed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


What a first Birthday party for Gracie today (Tonight's was with the Ferran's, tomorrows is with the Barker's).  This was a big deal for her today and from the time she woke up it was all about her day.  We opened presents first thing, made her favorite breakfast (pancakes) and then went to Church.  At Church it was her turn to bring the treat bucket so she was excited to take everyone treats to celebrate her birthday.  After Church was spent the afternoon getting everything ready for her party at 5:00.  I took care of making all the food while Aly cleaned the house and decorated for the "Fancy Nancy" party.  

Everything turned out great, the food was good (Banditos) and Gracie had plenty of presents to open.  Three years has gone fast and she is all girl.  She is very imaginative and can spend countless hours talking to her dolls and going on adventures with them.  She is also very helpful around the house and will almost always help the first time you ask.  She loves to empty the dishwasher and the garbages, and sometimes does both without us even asking.  Like Isabelle she loves to sing, and both of them love to dance and sing to their favorite songs.  Even though she is selective on the kisses she gives you, she will still give them, but they have to be on her time.  Happy Birthday Gracie!

 Just waking up and ready to open some gifts

 Her presents from Mommy, Daddy, Isabelle and Brooks

 Isabelle was more than willing to help open Gracie's presents

 Eating "fancy" pink pancakes

 In her new Birthday outfit

 Right before Church we drove to the Temple to get a few pictures

 Her new Fancy Nancy book and some dress up stuff (She was most excited about the rings)

 Aly's decorations for Gracie's Fancy Nancy Party

 Opening her present from Hadley

 More fairies to play with

 Blowing out the candles on her cupcakes

 Gracie and some of her "Fancy" guests, Alexa and Ashley

Telling Grandpa Larsen thank you for her gift

A look back over the past few years:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gracie Birthday Dinner

 We spent today getting everything ready for Gracie's Birthday parties on Sunday and Monday.  For her birthday dinner we took Gracie to Red Robin to celebrate.   She was so excited for the dessert they were going to bring her but when they brought it out, she was mad.  In her mind she was expecting a Fancy Nancy cake, and all they brought her was a lousy ice cream cake.   After a few minutes she was all smiles again once she took her first bite.

Why can't they always be this happy to be together?

Mad about the lack of a Fancy Nancy cake 

Happy again

I think she enjoyed it