Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kids first time Skiing

This morning we went up Skiing with all the Brothers and my Dad and then in the afternoon we had all the kids come up and learn to ski on the bunny hill.  It was a perfect day for skiing and it was fun to have everyone together skiing like we used to do when we were younger.  I guess having Ryan come in town gave us a good excuse to go up and it was a lot of fun trying to teach the kids.  Maddie, Colton, Alex, Gracie and Isabelle all tried.  

Gracie had some interest and did pretty good but then all she wanted to do was drink hot chocolate.  All the other kids really picked up on it quick and graduated to the bigger learning hill.  By the end we had some good skiers and even Gracie wanted to try the larger hill.  Hopefully in a couple weeks we can try it again.
Getting Gracie's Ski Pass On

Isabelle Ready to Go

First Try up the Bunny Hill

You can't see Gracie but I am trying to teach her to lean forward and not backwards

Grandpa helping Isabelle

Grandpa having a small problem on the Escalator

Alex couldn't stop so he just sat on his Skis

Gracie was a little tougher to teach, she spent a lot of time on the ground

Colton getting the hang of it

We graduated to the bigger hill!

Once she got on the big hill she really got the hang of it

By the end she was doing really good

I think Gracie had more fun drinking the Hot Chocolate

Everyone but Alex (He had to use the restroom) after skiing

Carrying Gracie to the Car

Brook's stayed at Grandma & Grandpa Barker's while we skied, him and Grandpa playing