Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brooks Newborn Pictures with the Girls

We had Brooks newborn pictures taken a few weeks back and they turned out really good. Heidi from took them and did a great job. While we were getting them done we took advantage of the time and had the girls pictures done too. Brooks will never be this little again so it was good to get some pictures when he was so small.

Regular clothes & Great Grandpa

Over the past two weeks we have stopped Brooks from being lazy and wearing his pajamas all day and put him into regular clothes. Here are some random pictures of him looking presentable:

Aly's Grandpa hasn't been feeling well the past week and so we went and saw him with the kids:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swimming Lessons

For the past two weeks the girls have been taking swimming lessons with their cousins Madison and Colton. Both of them have done really well and Isabelle is really getting the hang of swimming the length of the pool. Gracie is getting better at going under the water and holding her breath. Hopefully this gets them ready for a full summer of swimming.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Isabelle Kindergarten Graduation

I am still not sure why Kindergarten has a graduation, but Isabelle has now Graduated. On Friday, June 11, Isabelle participated in a program and received her diploma. In the program she had a small part talking about Australia and did a very good job. We are now preparing her for 1st grade and hopefully she will get better about wearing uniforms. Who knew wearing them would cause so many problems!

Isabelle and her friend Jacie

Getting ready for her part

Looking real happy to be there

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brooks First Week

A week ago today Brooks Matthew Barker was born. He has adjusted well to being home and to Isabelle's dismay, wears his pajamas all day. I guess she doesn't realize he is always sleeping so why not have him in something comfortable. Both Isabelle and Gracie are very helpful and love their new baby brother. Here are some random pictures of his first week.

His first wipedown

Looking relaxed

Falling asleep eating

Flowers from Ferran Construction

The aquarium

I took the girls to the aquarium on Saturday to see the new Penguins exhibit. Everyone says that it is a joke trying to see them because of all the people, so we went right when it opened and were the only ones there. Its a great exhibit and the girls really enjoyed themselves. (Just go right when it opens)

Later in the afternoon we got the water slide out and enjoyed the first swim of the year.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Coming Home

Brooks Matthew Barker is officially done with the hospital. They released him at 12:30 and right now is sleeping peacefully in Aly's arms. He had another good night in the nursery and a busy morning getting his circumcision done. I went to support him as he had it done, and while I don't recommended it for the faint of heart, it is pretty amazing to watch.

Aly's doing well and the girls are happy to be home.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Visitors and Day Two

Brooks (unknown middle name) Barker is now a day old. Everything is looking good and he has no problems to report. We have had some more visitors and of course Isabelle and Gracie wanting to spend as much time here that they can.

All Isabelle wants to do is hold and feed him, Gracie on the other hand is still in curious mode. Tomorrow we go home and life begins with three kids.