Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving was at my families this year, and those that decided to join us were Nick and Jason's families.  Ben was in Malad and Ryan was where he usually is, Texas.  We were in charge of potatoes, and even though I tried my best in judging how much we would need, I made three times to many.  When we arrived the kids got to decorate where they were going to sit and then Aly provided them a craft to do as well.  It was then dinner, and Mom did an outstanding job once again.  

One interesting way that my Mom cooks a turkey is in an old pillowcase coated in butter.  My Grandma Reeder would always do it that way and so my Mom has continued the tradition.  I don't know the reasoning behind it, but maybe it helps to keep the Turkey moist.  Even if it doesn't do anything, it is a tradition that has been passed down, and maybe I will be the one to carry it on to the next generation.  

To end the day we went to the Ferran's to say hello and spend some time.  Everyone eventually showed up and we were able to have even more pie to end the day.  

Before dinner the kids were able to draw on the table and decorate their space

The kids attending the Thanksgiving Feast besides Kiera & Brooks

Despite our best efforts, Gracie was not going to have a traditional Thanksgiving

As usually happens when the Barker's get together, the kids want to play Grandpa's iTouch

Getting ready to leave for Grandma and Granpa's

Our family picture of the day (Sorry Brooks we didn't fix your hair

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

For the first time ever, we have set up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving.  We tried to delay the magic that setting up the tree brings, but Isabelle was relentless in getting it done.  Saturday ended in tears because we hadn't set the tree up and Sunday was spared because we told her it would be a lot better to do it for Family night.

So it is done, the tree gets to have a few extra days this Holiday season.  Gracie said it best:  "This is so amazing hugh Isabelle!"  Despite our not wanting to put up the tree, it did turn out to be a really fun night.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


First big storm of the Season and with it brought a good foot of the white stuff.  Unfortunately my snow blower decided it would break right when I needed it most.  Winter now feels like it is here and fall feels like it never really came.

Why couldn't that snow blower just last 20 more minutes!

Not sure why Isabelle doesn't have gloves on

Even though this picture makes it look like the girls helped me, they really didn't!

Look at that sky

Eating snow

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sooooo Tired

Gracie still takes naps, but it is not often that she falls asleep on her own.  Aly was doing some work in the office while Gracie watched on of her shows, and when she went to check on her she found this:

Growing up my Dad would say:  "Your a great kid....when your sleeping."  I now know what that means having kids of my own.  Look at how peaceful she looks in this picture, there is no worrying about her and what she is doing, you just get to enjoy the moment because in an hour, a new adventure begins.

Dollar masks and some creativity

Aly needed a few things from JoAnn's and since the girls went in, they wanted to get something.  They found these Christmas masks that you can decorate for a dollar, and they turned out to be well worth the money.  They loved decorating their faces, and it turned into a great activity for them to do.

            Gracie the Snowman                                          Isabelle the Elf

Nothing like two great smiles

Friday, November 5, 2010

The tale of the lost tooth

Who knew that there would be so much peer pressure surrounding the losing of your first tooth?  Every time one of Isabelle's friends or cousin's would lose a tooth, Isabelle would be all upset that they got to experience it first.  "When am I going to lose one?" "Hanna lost hers, she is so lucky"  I guess these days to be in the cool crowd you need to have lost your first tooth, then you join a very special club.  To Isabelle it became a rite of passage into a world she had never experienced before.

I don't recall my first tooth loss many years ago, but I know that it was not as eventful as Isabelle's turned out to be.  At school it became more loose to the point that her friends told her to just pull it.  Even though she had waited for this day a long time, she didn't want to rush the experience.  After school she played at her friend Nina's house and the pressuring continued, and when she was ready, she pulled it out.  SHE WAS EXCITED!  Call the news, get them over hear to cover a major story on a six year old girl!

I was in Price working and didn't know until I saw her toothless grin in an email, she was overjoyed!  If Isabelle had it her way she would have scheduled a party and had everyone come over to admire her accomplishment.  So here's to you Isabelle, congratulations!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Grandpa Larson

We tried to get over to see him on Saturday but ran out of time, then planned on going yesterday and Gracie fell asleep.  So tonight after dinner we went and showed Grandpa and Audrey the kids costumes and of course Brook's was asleep and Gracie didn't want to get in hers.  After some talking she finally let us put it on her for one last time, hopefully next year she will be a little more excited about dressing up for Halloween.

A little late

It officially being Halloween today, we decided to finally carve pumpkins after putting it off all week.  15 minutes in I was in over my head with a Dremel and a dream to carve Isabelle an amazing pumpkin.  I did ok on the Dracula, but Isabelle was looking for more of a "normal" pumpkin and I could tell she was disappointed.   Aly came to the rescue and helped her carve a really cool pumpkin and made everything better.  

Things I loved about this Halloween:

Our "Wizard of Oz" theme
Gracie scared of everything to do with Halloween
Brooks in his Lion costume
Aly trying to get the perfect picture of all the kids together (Which never happened)
Isabelle so excited to get microwave popcorn Trick or Treating
Aly's eyeshadow on Halloween
Shocking everyone at work with my costume
Isabelle's makeup at the Ferran Halloween Party
Isabelle sneaking candy anytime she could and then having the nerve to ask if she could have some more!
Bribing Gracie to get her costume on
Reading "Witch on the Broom" and Gracie and Isabelle trying to beat each other at saying the words
Decorating cookies this afternoon before doing pumpkins tonight

 Gracie fell asleep in the afternoon and slept for three hours!
Carving pumpkins

A little ragged after eating dinner