Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shower without Door

So the shower has been done for almost a week now but I am just posting pictures of it. We did this same tile in the girls bathroom on the floor and once the countertop gets in I will post pictures of that. This is a big change from what he had before, good thing I didn't do it. It would have taken me three weeks and it would have never looked like this:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Bright Idea.....

So this week began another remodeling project, we did the kitchen last year, so why not do both bathrooms this year? After Aly cracked the marble in our bathroom she figured that it was time to rip the whole thing out and start over. I believe she fainted on purpose to get a new bathroom, and if that is true, she put on a great show.

I did the tear out but Aly had the professionals lay all the tile. It started on Tuesday and ended today, Friday the 23rd. We will still be a few more days without a shower door in the master and a countertop in the kids bathroom, but we are almost back to normal. Pictures of the finished product will be up soon, but here is what the bathrooms looked like before:

Master bath before (After I took out the cracked part from Aly's fall

Master shower before

Kids bathroom after I had already removed the tile and vanity (We moved the vanity downstairs and Aly purchased a new one for this bath)

Tearing out the concrete subfloor under the old shower

The paper walkway we had to live with for a few days

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

Last weekend we took the kids up on Friday night to Zermatt to stay the night and go to the easter egg hunt in the morning. On Friday the girls got to decorate eggs and get their face painted after having a spaghetti dinner, then after we went swimming. On Saturday they had a pancake breakfast and an Easter egg hunt indoors since it snowed a couple of inches the night before. The girls had a great time and we would highly recommend going up next year.

Isabelle and the Easter Bunny at the spaghetti dinner (Gracie didn't want her picture)

Coloring Eggs

Gracie trying her best to push the spinner down

Look at that concentration (She is like her Daddy when she concentrates, she sticks her tongue out)

Getting ready to swim

Using Daddy as a train

After a nice long swim

Eatin' breakfast

Ready to go get some eggs

Listening to Aly's instructions

The haul

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Baskets

Easter Morning at the Barker Household and it looks like the girls got a good amount of stuff from the Easter Bunny. Now its time to remind them the real reason we celebrate Easter!