Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things said during a kitchen remodel

Isabelle is constantly a source of funny little sayings and with this kitchen remodel, she has said some pretty funny stuff. Here are two that I thought were pretty good:

The tile guy was finishing the front entry yesterday and Isabelle came up to me after watching him work and said:

Isabelle: "He has real tattoos!"
Me: "I know"
Isabelle (Holding her finger to her lips): "shhhh, he might hear you."

The other one happened when the painters were doing some touchup and they were both spanish. This whole conversation was done in a very quiet whisper.

Isabelle: "Mom, why are they speaking spanish."
Aly: "Because that is what they usually speak, but they can speak English too."
Isabelle: "What do you think they are saying?"

I can just see Isabelle wanting so badly to know what they were saying because she always has to be in on the conversation. As far as the tattoos, we have tried to teach her that we shouldn't get them but people can still choose to get them if they want. I think she was just memorized to see one actually in person!

Cabinets are going in today, we are getting there.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Valentines day 2009, here are the girls in their pajamas before Aly surprised them with new pajamas.

I am not sure why Gracie thinks it is so fun to pull these faces when you tell her to "show me your pretty smile," but it is really cute.

This picture is a lot better, Gracie has calmed down a little bit.

Gracie enjoying the rose that daddy gave her

Isabelle and Gracie showing off their new pajamas. The front says "I Love Candy." Last night Isabelle said: "I wish everyday we could eat whatever we want like candy and all the bad stuff." Me too Isabelle, me too.

How cute is this? Gracie with another one of her smiles and Isabelle posing just perfectly.

Moving along

Well the kitchen remodel is moving along and tile was just finished. Here is an update to where we are at:

On the right side where the sheetrock patch is up the whole wall that is where the door to the pantry used to be. Now that pantry space is joined with the old laundry space to create this room:

This room had the most done to it, in the middle of the room they had to move electrical and plumbing to the wall to the right to open up the space. We demoed the wall, took out the shelves in the pantry (You can see where they used to be if you look at the lines on the back wall are.) We also took out both lights from the pantry/laundry and put 3 cans in.
Still living out of a mini fridge and mini freezer, and currently without a stove, but we are surviving. We are almost there.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What are we thinking?

Well the kitchen remodel has started and now I have to ask: "What are we thinking?" It has gone fairly smooth so far but there are a few things we didn't think about. We thought that we would just take our cabinets out and still be able to have a semi functional kitchen. Well we now have no sink, no dishwasher, but we do have the stove, microwave and a mini fridge since we sold our other one.

So can we last a couple of weeks like this? I am not really sure, but it is probably the closest to camping that Aly will ever get!! There is nothing like washing your dishes in the bathtub! Here are the damages so far:

We put the refrigerator up on KSL and sold it the same day. Isabelle asked why were were selling it so soon and we told her that if someone wants to buy something you are selling you sell it right away, you don't wait; you never know if there will be someone else to buy it. We then sold our cabinets almost as quick and luckily they came while we were taking them out so we didn't have to store them.

No problems yet so let's hope that it continues to go this well, despite not having a kitchen that is anywhere near functional!!