Sunday, May 24, 2009


Last Saturday we had to go to Trolley Square to look at knobs for our Kitchen. Here are a few picttures of the girls at the start of a very long day of shopping.

Isabelle got tired of carrying her purse so Gracie took it and wouldn't give it back, she loved it

See how a 49 cent sucker can make kids sooooo happy

Bath Time

If there is one thing that Gracie loves it is the bath. If she doens't want to do something we offer the bath as a last resort. "If you eat the rest of your food you can get in the bath," "If you come in from outside, we can get in the bath," and it works every time. Then you put Isabelle in there with her and chaos usually ensues.

Isabelle likes to pose and try to create crazy hairdo's!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Too long between updates

Well it has been a very busy couple of weeks. Every time we think we can update this thing something else comes up and so I thought I would just briefly say a few things that have been going on.

Mothers day was good, even though our Mothers were not home to celebrate with. Grandma Barker is in Texas watching Ryan's kids and Grandma Ferran is on a cruise in Alaska. The tending thing was expected, but the cruise thing was a last minute deal and they just took off. Because of that this week is a little stressed because Aly does have some work commitments, and Gracie has Bronchitis. That little girl we just can't seem to get better, she has been going from one thing to another.

Isabelle is working on riding her bike without training wheels and she is adamant that she is not too little. I think the thing that spurred this on is the neighbor boy is littler and he rides without them so she has to. It is not going well, but hopefully we will have it mastered by next week. I am sure the other reason is she want's to make sure that she does it before her cousin Hannah!

Our garden is in, the boxes are done, filled with the right mix,and we started planting some stuff over the weekend. Pictures of that will have to be for another day. This gardening thing is turning out to be a lot more expensive than previously thought so it better work out!

Gracie is continuing to talk more and more and getting better at pronouncing the whole word, not just a small part of it. She is sleeping a lot better since her surgery and so hopefully that continues. It is a weird feeling waking up at 6:30 and realizing that none of the kids woke up, especially Gracie. The problem with Gracie now is that she wants to be outside all the time with the weather warming up and if we don't lock the doors she will be outside without us knowing.

That is the update, pictures hopefully will be on here in a couple of days, but that is our life the past few weeks.