Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Miss Gracie

So Gracie is now officially two. On October 10th she turned two and despite being sick and having to cancel her birthday party, she still had a good day. The morning of the 10th Gracie was still throwing up and so we decided to cancel Aly's families party that night and instead just have Grandma and Grandpa's to make sure that no kids got sick. The next day we decided to just do dessert for both families so that she could at least celebrate a little bit with all of her cousins. She loved opening presents and most of the presents went along with the theme of her birthday, Tinkerbell. "TinkBell" is Gracie's favorite. She asks countless times per day to watch "TinkBell" and "TigPoo," but TinkerBell won out on the birthday theme.

She is getting bigger and bigger and time has truly flown by. Hopefully next year she wont be sick!

Not feeling to well on the morning of her Birthday, and if you know Gracie, she usually doesn't just lay down like this

Feeling better....decorating her cupcakes with Mom and Belle

The Grandparents dinner

Excited to open presents!

She got the hang of it really quick, and when the presents were gone, she kept asking for more

Just one of many Tinkerbell themed presents

Gracie's present from Mom and Dad, it is an interactive doll house

Aly did a really good job on Gracie's cake

If there was one thing that Gracie wanted to do over and over, it was blow the candles out. We did it at least five times because she kept saying: "One more time!"

Our beautiful little two year old, just before her party on Sunday

Opening more gifts

Back to her favorite part!

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