Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zoo Lights

Christmas is going to be here very soon so we decided that tonight we would go out and see some lights.  Temple square was an option but it was supposed to be crowded tonight so we took the kids to the Zoo. It was about 27 degrees, but still not terribly cold except when the wind would come down from the canyon.  We bundled everyone up and headed out to see some animals and check out all the really cool lights.  

We were first greeted by some of Santa's Reindeer and then we were able to go see Santa.  Luckily we went on a night that was not too busy so the wait to see him was only five minutes.  Meeting him was worth the 20 dollars it took to get our family into the zoo because unlike the mall or other places, they had individual time with Santa.  After a picture they spent about three minutes telling them everything that they wanted.   Isabelle told him she wanted Twinkle Toes and the My Salon Doll, Gracie wanted makeup and a new Barbie.  

After Santa we walked around and saw all the great lights, most of which were in the shape of the animals at the Zoo.  The girls were able to ride the Carousel, drink hot chocolate, see a baby monkey, watch the Tigers and see lots of cool animated animal lights and then we left to go get warm the car.  After dinner at Costa Vida we headed home with Gracie and Brooks falling asleep in the car and Isabelle crashing just a few minutes after we arrived.

It was a great time and even though most animals were in bed for the night we still were able to see a few and enjoy all the lights.  We will have to do it again next year.


Everyone excited to see Santa

All bundled up and ready for a cold night at the Zoo

Brook's decide that Pajamas were the best look for him when he met Santa for the first time 

The Zoo even had a couple of Reindeer

The classic Hogle Zoo Lion in light form

Riding the Carousel

Isabelle excited to be on a snow leopard

The Big Cats down for the night (I took this through the fence, it turned out pretty good)

Letting Brook's get out of his seat to stretch even though it was really cold

Watching the 12 days of Christmas 

I think Gracie is a little cold after an hour and a half at the Zoo

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