Saturday, September 4, 2010

This the Place State Park

I don't ever recall going to "This is the Place State Park." I know that it has been around for years but we have never made the drive up. It was Labor Day Weekend and we originally thought to go to the Zoo, but once we pulled in the parking lot, we drove across the street. We only had an hour and half to explore since it closed at 5:00, but we were able to see quite a bit. It makes you really grateful for those that settled this area and what they had to go through. How many of us today would live in a 400 square foot home with 10 kids? It was a good reminder how blessed we are to have what we do.

Entering the park

Doing laundry the old fashioned way

How about 10 kids in this house?

An old Hotel

Riding the train up to the Indian Village

Inside a wigwam

Seeing how small the living space was for people that traveled across the ocean

Changing our gold that we panned out of the river for candy at the Bank

Brooks sitting patiently in his stroller

ZCMI Store

This is the Place Monument

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Mindi B said...

Looks like fun! We went there for Youth Conference a few years ago and it was awesome. My oldest brother's wife, Tracy, and their kids volunteered there all summer as a little family that lived in one of the homes. They said it was so much fun to be dressed as pioneers and act like they lived there.