Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving was at my families this year, and those that decided to join us were Nick and Jason's families.  Ben was in Malad and Ryan was where he usually is, Texas.  We were in charge of potatoes, and even though I tried my best in judging how much we would need, I made three times to many.  When we arrived the kids got to decorate where they were going to sit and then Aly provided them a craft to do as well.  It was then dinner, and Mom did an outstanding job once again.  

One interesting way that my Mom cooks a turkey is in an old pillowcase coated in butter.  My Grandma Reeder would always do it that way and so my Mom has continued the tradition.  I don't know the reasoning behind it, but maybe it helps to keep the Turkey moist.  Even if it doesn't do anything, it is a tradition that has been passed down, and maybe I will be the one to carry it on to the next generation.  

To end the day we went to the Ferran's to say hello and spend some time.  Everyone eventually showed up and we were able to have even more pie to end the day.  

Before dinner the kids were able to draw on the table and decorate their space

The kids attending the Thanksgiving Feast besides Kiera & Brooks

Despite our best efforts, Gracie was not going to have a traditional Thanksgiving

As usually happens when the Barker's get together, the kids want to play Grandpa's iTouch

Getting ready to leave for Grandma and Granpa's

Our family picture of the day (Sorry Brooks we didn't fix your hair

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