Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brooks FIrst Birthday Party

So today we had Brooks' first birthday party with the family, and the theme that Aly chose was a Circus Theme.  We were able to get a really good deal on a bounce house, and an even better better deal on a Cotton Candy Machine (Free because of the rental companies mistake in not reserving us one.)  When we reserved the bounce house we told them it was for a boy and he told us about one that he had that wasn't really boyish but it was his newest one.  Since it was newer we went with it and it turned out to be pink and purple!  Who really cares right, it was more for all the kids so as long as they had fun it doesn't matter what color it was.

The kids bounced, we ate hamburgers and hotdogs, ate lots of cotton candy, opened presents and then Brooks' tore into his cake.  The weather was perfect and Aly did a great job with all the decorating and planning of the event.  Lesson learned from this birthday?  Don't trust a guy from a bounce house rental place to recommend a color, you choose it next time!

Now would you say that these are boy colors?

Brooks' finished the day taking a quick swim in his new pool

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